Kristen Thiele
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My image choices talk about isolation, the anonymity of the crowd, ambiguity, the space between action and reaction, and the ignored places between the deliberate and the staged. Derived from the motion pictures of the 1930s through the 1950s, I'm particularly interested in this era of film and how it aligns with the concept of artifice via opulent and escapist themes.

As subjects of my paintings are about the fleeting, the missing, and the unattainable, as paintings they become the very antithesis of the ephemeral. This contradictory concept is also contained in the way we may connect to these early images through the platforms of modern technology. This new access to "old" materials has created a contemporary anachronism where anything recorded may be accessed. These images and sounds are part of our contemporary consciousness along with all of the other things that make up our world.

As a contemporary artist, I am responding to the "new" subject of these old movies. In painting these images, I have internalized every detail of the source image. Every brushstroke is a result of my looking at each part of the image with equal attention and focus. My paintings are a product of my absorption of the images that I choose and of my processing those images through the externalization of the action of painting.